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Bright! Emotionally! Strong! Enchanting!

This is how our in-club bench press competitions went yesterday!
A historic moment took place yesterday – our champion Suvorov Alexey set a personal and club record (142.5 kg) and received a “Half year of fitness” as a gift!
2 place – Sergey Stogniy (130 kg) and bonus "Three months of fitness" from us!
3rd place – Anton Nikitin set a personal record (130 kg), whom we were happy to give the “Fitness Month” as a gift!
We especially want to commend our beautiful and strong girls: Daria Samsakova, Lesia Kryukov, Irina Shilova-Tarnavskaya, Kopyl Viktoria, Veremeenko Elena and Binko Valeria for their strength qualities and hard struggle! The battle for the place was on to the last approach! You are our clever! We are proud of you!
Many thanks to each participant, and especially to our special guest and athlete Oleg Vinnik, for the fight, for the positive emotions and participation in our competitions!
We are extremely happy that we have such charismatic, athletic and goal-oriented clients! Thank you for your mood, for persistent preparing for our competitions and surprising with your results from year to year!